Innovation Excellence

Dedication to the Finest

At Dunlopillo, we adhere to the most stringent quality control standards, regularly assessing our suppliers to ensure they uphold the same commitment. We continuously strive to source for the finest quality products, driven by our belief that our customers deserve the best.

Innovative technology for better sleep

Our team constantly leverages on the latest technology to deliver better sleep solutions:

Talasilver Wave Latex

The Revolutionary Latex Innovative Technology

Talasilver Latex

Provides support and comfort with Nano Silver technology to eliminate bacteria growth.

Talalay Latex

Superior latex for support, comfort, durability and resistant to dust mite and bacteria.

Dunlop Latex

Provides support and comfort

Dynamic IPS

The Revolutionary Pocketed Innerspring System

Multi-IPS System

The Exclusive Pocketed InnerSpring System

Parallel IPS System

Superior Pocketed Innerspring System


Ideal Independent Innerspring System


An exclusive technology by Pikolin, Spain

Shock Absorber

An Automated Sleep Enhancement Technology 

Dunlopillo HexaGel

Advanced Gel Cushioning Technology for back support, spinal alignment and pressure relief

Only the best materials are used for more comfortable and healthier sleep. 

Pure Silk

Sleep soundly knowing that anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nanosilver technology is ...

Organic Cotton

Dunlopillo uses only pure, organic cotton grown from non-genetically modified plants free of ...

Angora Wool

This extraordinarily soft fur of the Angora rabbit provides the highest heat retention and best ...

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Through the years, Dunlopillo given millions around the world the peace of mind that their bedrooms are a personal haven for celebrating life's special moments.

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