Pillow Picking

How to Find the Perfect Pillow
The right pillow can make a great difference to the quality of your sleep. The wrong pick may lead to aches, pains, numbness, discomfort, sneezing and even wheezing. Consider these points when choosing a pillow.

What’s your sleep position?

  • Side sleepers require higher pillows with firmer support to fill up the distance between the ear and the shoulder.
  • Back sleepers need slimmer pillows so their head is not propped up too far forward. Pillows with extra loft in the bottom third of the pillow help to support the neck.
  • Stomach sleepers should opt for a very thin pillow. One may not even be needed for the head, but tucking a pillow under the stomach helps to avoid lower back pain.

Price is secondary
Expensive pillows may not necessarily be better for you. What is important is how it feels to you.

Try before you buy
Always test the pillow before buying it. Rest your head on it while lying down in your usual sleep position. Your neck should be aligned with your spine.

Although it varies depending on the type of material, the general rule is to get a new pillow every 12 to 18 months. Click here to view our full range of Dunlopillo® pillows.

What kind of pillow stuffing?

Latex Foam

Advantages: Good neck support, hypoallergenic, resists mold and dust mites, won't bunch of clump.
Disadvantages: Can be expensive, may contain slight odour when new.

Feather & Down

Advantages: Soft and comfortable, adjustable neck support
Disadvantages: Expensive, may trigger allergies


Advantages: Cheap, relatively durable, machine washable
Disadvantages: Poor neck support, may be vulnerable to dust mites, gel-filled ones may emit a chemical odour

Cotton, Silk or Wool

Advantages: Firmer neck support, hypoallergenic, all-natural materials
Disadvantages: Expensive, may flatten over time

Memory Foam

Advantages: Good neck support, generally maintains shape well
Disadvantages: Poor air flow, may contain slight odour when new

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